Friday, December 24, 2010

Do they know it's Christmas?

Or better yet, do I know it's Christmas? Honestly, I've been in a thesis-induced panic and thus kept forgetting about that little holiday looming on the horizon. Thankfully, Christmas Eve Mass (LOVE) and Christmas movies have helped bring me back to reality! (Sidenote: Pops is totes turning into the Old Man from A Christmas Story, complete with disgruntled old man noises and Christmas tree selection pickiness. If he didn't love our neighbor's cat, he would be yelling, "SONSABITCHES! Meowie!" at our front door. Unfortunately, my Christmas movie doppelganger is likely Mary from the "What if George Bailey had never been born?" section of It's a Wonderful Life: "She's... an old maid! She's closing up the library now..." Oh, my glamorous future!)

ANYWAY, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas(time)! If you need some 90s rap for your Christmas celebrations, might I suggest this video? ...Mainly because a hockey jersey makes a cameo in the tree-trimming! (TLC's "Sleigh Ride" video is probably the last place I would have expected to find a hockey jersey! Clearly, the -Ookies were wardrobe consultants for this music video. Also, props to Kelly for inadvertently bringing this to my attention!)

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