Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Hey Jess, what did you do this week?"

"Oh, not much, just wrote over 40 pages of literary analysis and MET CLAUDE GIROUX!!!!!"

Yes indeed. In fact, I went directly from handing in my rather massive Philosophies of Modernism paper to meeting Giroux. Like, I was literally walking down the steps at school when I realized, "Oh, I have to go meet Giroux soon. Ho-hum." (This actually worked in my favor, as I just did not have enough time/functioning brain cells to become as incapacitated with nervousness as I usually do before a player signing.)

Let's back up a bit. As all two of our readers know, Soph and I have loved Giroux ever since he was a lower-case g:

But now he's a big G, he's got the money, hundred dollar bills y'all. (90s rap, truly appropriate for any occasion.) New contract aside, he's second on the Flyers in scoring this year, he's got the sickest shoot-out moves, he can grow a beard by Tuesday, annnnd we love him.

So when we discovered that Giroux was coming to our fave sports card store, I knew I had to go, regardless of finals week AND my tendency to revert to charming "Word Vomit Spaz" mode around anyone remotely famous. Luckily, Pops and I actually slipped in shortly after most of the crowd had dissipated. The owner spotted me in the line and gave me a nice nod of recognition... because I'm pretty sure I'm the ONLY girl who ever comes into his store at 2 PM on a Tuesday to go through boxes of hockey cards. In any case, as I inched closer to the table, I was not surprised to find that Giroux was pretty quiet. He always seems rather shy and skittish (my people!), as though the goal horn might frighten him a little. So imagine my surprise when I reached the front of the line and this happened:

G: "Hey, how are you?"
Me (jaw drops): "...Oh! Good! I'm good! How are you?"
G: "I'm good." *hands back my stuff*
Me: "Can I take a picture of you?"
G: "Oh, for sure!" *click*
Me (achieving full-blown exclamation point mode): "Thanks!!! Have a good night!!!!!"
G: "Yeah, you too."

Not surprisingly, a bit of a departure from Leights, who pulled off quite a miracle when he persuaded me into taking a picture with him. But still, Giroux was very nice, and I inadvertently got him to talk, so BONUS!

Oh, you'll note in this picture that his crucifix is in hiding. Soph and I love that he wears a very prominent crucifix on the ice, as it seems to fully compliment his image of grilled cheese eating, baby-faced bad ass. In any case, we promptly started debating its absence in this picture. What if he underwent a necklace upgrade, ie perhaps he has a diamond studded "G" to go with that new contract? Or maybe he just lost the ol' cross and needs to make a trip to the St. Jude Shop? Crucifix debate aside, I've now successfully gone to two signings without Soph. What is this world coming to?!?!


kristin said...

His pose is so gangster!

Jess said...

He is certainly an upper-case G these days!

D.M.Vasso said...

I love that you mention the grilled cheese thing in here. I also love that it's giroux's pregame ritual.

Jess said...

haha I think the grilled cheese thing somehow works its way into every post I write about Giroux!

Welcome to Slightly Saucy! :D