Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hockey News-palooza!

With end of the semester chaos, I've gotten a little behind in my non-academic reading. Thus, I had quite a chuckle when I saw this headline emblazoned on the November 15th issue of The Hockey News:

Clearly, THN reads Slightly Saucy. Clearly.

Incidentally, Soph just got her first ever Hockey News in the mail! I've had a subscription since my fifteenth birthday (thank you, Pops!), and now Soph is part of the club! She actually ordered it over a month ago and was quite disappointed to hear that it would not be arriving until the new year. Luckily, her first issue showed up Monday, and they really rolled out the red carpet for her, as she even got a non-Crosby/Ovechkin cover! (...Though the current cover boy is Byfuglien, which kind of tempers the excitement a bit. Unless you're The Pronger and intend to use it as a dart board, I guess.) We promptly had a field day, tag-teaming the crossword puzzle, which finally put our random hockey trivia knowledge to good use. ("Team in Sarnia?" "THE STING!!!") Also, they had a little feature about the now visorless Bruno Gervais (aka "mon cher" over on Sportsquee), which prompted me to look him up on Wikipedia. This madness ensued:

"Did you know he was drafted in 2003?!?!"

Wowwer'renerds. The 2003 draft was, of course, one of the deepest drafts in the history of awesomeness. All but one of the first-rounders from that year have played in the NHL. In fact, the Flyers currently have FOUR players from said first round (Coburn, Carter, Richards, and Zherdev... not to mention Carle and Carcillo, who were drafted in the second and third rounds respectively). Our former Sharks beloveds, Milan Michalek and Steve Bernier, were also taken in the first round, along with our Staal of choice: E. The later rounds of this impressive draft boasted (in addition to Bruno Gervais) Joe Pavelski, Jaroslav Halak (Kristin rejoices!), Soph's fantasy league bf (and resident puppy-saver) David Backes, two current members of Foxy Lady Byng (Tobias Enstrom and Brian Elliott, to go along with '03 first-rounders Ryan Suter and Dustin Brown), Twitter star BizNasty, and yes, current THN cover boy Byfuglien. We've come full circle. Seriously, go google the 2003 NHL Draft, you'll be astounded by all the familiar faces. I can only hope that the same can someday be said for the 2010 Draft because, as it is, when Soph and I hear about any prospects taken this past June (coughJeffSkinnercough), we're compelled to squeal, "We saw you get drafted!" (Sidenote: Jeff Skinner was born in 1992?!?! Oh dear god!)

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