Saturday, June 25, 2011

"I gave her my heart and she gave me [a one-way ticket to LA]..."

"You have to understand that her family is being ripped apart. Just like you and her were ripped apart. Just like Joe and I were ripped apart." -Corey, Say Anything

Well, I guess this is a mandatory post if ever I've written one. Homer trades Richards and Carter TO DIFFERENT TEAMS within one hour. Meanwhile, that dynamic duo of Salt and Pepa (aka Doughty and Simmonds, per The Hockey News) also meets a tragic demise. (As I told Soph, "They are no longer here, and no longer in effect!" No word on how DJ Spinderella, aka Anze Kopitar, is coping with this.) In the words of Soph, "relationships have been torn asunder" this week. This set of trades certainly warrants a bromance moment of silence.


Levity aside, am I shocked by these trades? Yes. Am I disappointed? No. Carter and Richards are good players, but I'm not in love with them and they weren't the best players on the team. This smacks of a culture change, and now the team is Pronger's. Should make for an interesting season...

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