Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wherein hockey nerdiness and video game nerdiness collide!

Ryan Kesler, fancy meeting you here!

When two teams we don't follow make it to the Finals, Soph and I generally cheer for the team that didn't eliminate the Flyers. So in 2008 and 2009, we found solace aboard the Red Wings' bandwagon. (It doesn't hurt that they also have Foxy Lady Byng cornerstone Pavel Datsyuk, along with perfect human Nick Lidstrom. Sidenote: When is he going to be canonized? Mini Swedish flags can be left in children's shoes on St. Nicklas' Day!)

We'll have a moment of silence for the AWESOMENESS that was the 2010 playoffs.

And this year, our allegiance would logically seem to be with Vancouver. But Soph raised this interesting point last night:

Soph: "So which German are we cheering for?"
Me: "OH! I didn't even think of that!"

Dennis Seidenberg and I go way back.... to 2004 when I found him amiable at the Carnival AND he was sidelined with a broken leg at the time. (Thanks to Marcus Ragnarsson falling on him at practice. #I'llTumbleForYa) That's like an elixir for his magic points, so to speak. But let's not discount Christian Ehrhoff, who was one of Soph's first fave Sharks. We also met him (hilariously) while he was toting an enormous wedding present, so that's basically a phoenix down for him. The candidates were quite evenly matched, until I mistakenly thought that Seidenberg had won the Cup with Carolina, which gave him an un-deserved edge. Whoops!

As you can see, this Finals series has boiled down to cheering for individual players for a bizarre amalgam of reasons. For the Bruins, there's Seidenberg (obvs) but also Tyler Seguin (largely because Soph and I are compelled to yell, "We saw you get drafted!!!!!111!!" whenever he's mentioned).

Besides Christian (duh), the Canucks seem to have quite an advantage. Mason Raymond was a beloved member of Foxy Lady Byng 1.0 (aka "Team Good Egg") and looks like he's twelve years old (an endearing trait, since Soph and I are carded all. the. time.). Pops always calls him Nathan Raymond though. FAIL. There's also Kevin Bieksa, who, at some point (by someone other than us) was dubbed "Kevin Be-sex-a," which will never not be funny. We like Jannik Hansen, Alex Edler, and Alex Burrows (ehhh...sort of) all because of this stellar performance of the "show me the money" scene from Jerry Maguire at Dice and Ice. And finally, there's the magnetic appeal of Ryan Kesler's bedhead. I don't want to like him, but I think I'm still vaguely enamored with him from the Olympics. Keslove is not in full bloom or anything, but Keslurking is helping his cause.

And then there's Canuckcakes, ftw.

So in this match-up, I guess we're going to deem the Canucks Ness and co. (Ness rocked the bed head himself when the meteor hit Onett!), while the Bruins are Pokey and his band of troublemakers. Seidenberg is like Mr. Saturn: he pops ups pleasantly when you least expect it.

(If anyone can name the above video game with having to drop by the Hint Booth, you'll have my undying adoration!)

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