Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just a small town girl living in a lonely world... She took the midnight train going anywhere?

Well, maybe not anywhere... let's not get crazy! But I do want to go on a hockey road trip. I've always kind of wanted to... after all, I've loved hockey for eleven years and have only been to three arenas! My travel fever may also be motivated by those two weeks in August that I spent in seven states. Annnnd the fact that I miss Soph lots! So what would be cooler than going to see other NHL teams that we like... IN THEIR HOME ARENAS?!?! I don't know that this idea will actually get off the ground (buh dum ching), but if it does, here are some potential destinations:

Taken from the fantastic Fuck Yeah David Backes tumblr page! 
(I still don't get tumblr, but I do enjoy the amount of awesome pics/photoshops I'm finding!)

-St. Louis: Soph and I are head over heels for David Backes. He has been a stalwart member of Slightly Sucky (even posting a four goal game to catapult Soph to her first championship!) and was a key part of the silver medal-winning US Olympic team that I looooved. He is somehow simultaneously BA and adorbs: he would kick your ass, take your name (the logical next step), and then start an animal shelter in your honor. Seriously, the man rescues puppies, is married to his kindergarten sweetheart (the assuredly lovely Kelly... she IS a nice girl, dammit!!) and did we mention saved a pregnant dog AND HER TWELVE PUPPIES?!?! I think we've found a new perfect man. In addition to Backes, the Blues also boast twelve-year-old-looking T.J. Oshie (Koshie B'Goshie). He's a great post-appendix-removal-video-narrator and apparently majored in bad-assery (or perhaps dumbassery?) in college. And finally there's Chris Stewart, one of my most fortuitous late season FHL pick-ups. (I like boys who make me look like a genius!)

Thanks Rosie!

-Carolina: If you've ever seen Ask the Canes, then you know that the Hurricanes are a hilarious lot. And as a team, they're (generally) underratedly good. They have our Staal of choice (though I sometimes can't tell E and J apart, womp womp). There's also Cam Ward. Our Wardo love can be summed up by his Wham!-esque post-Stanley Cup win spandex-clad dance. (Literally, for the win) And of course, he backstopped Slightly Sucky to two championships. And how can we forget about Chad Larose, with his wacky accent and crazy eyes? (Ryan Braun is his baseball doppelganger, FYI.) Most importantly, though, he gave Soph a puck at warm-up last year, which is pretty much the coolest thing everrrrr.
Editor's Note: As Soph pointed out, I initially neglected to include our favorite former finger painter (FINGER PAINTIN'?!?! Errr, figure skating) Jeff Skinner! We saw him get drafted so obviously we heart him.

I took this beautiful picture; shocking, I know

-Tampa: They were my team on the side back in the day, and while I don't follow them avidly anymore, their success always warms my heart. Marty St-Louis is, overall, one of my fave NHL players. (Undrafted? Oft-injured? Too small? HART TROPHY BITCHES!!!) Vinny Lecavalier is always entertaining... as is the Vinny-Marty bromance. And I have a strange coach-crush on Guy Boucher. (What is up with that totally bad-ass scar he's rocking?! Why is it such a big secret? Will we one day see The Guy Boucher Story on Lifetime?!)

Where in the world will we end up?! Just call us Carmen Sandiego!

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