Sunday, November 27, 2011

Party rock is in the house tonight?

I haven't been to a live hockey game since Soph was here last March. Withdrawal had set in, so I pulled the trigger Wednesday morning and secured seats to the Black Friday game! (Second row upstairs baby! Behind the net where the Flyers shoot twice. Those seats are pretty banging; you can really see the plays develop. The only downside is that all of the goals in this particular game were scored in the OTHER net. Gahhh.)

Moving on: It's well-documented that I love warm-ups, and I was curious how the influx of new guys would affect the music selection. (...Pretty sure I'm the only person who would wonder about such a thing.) Instead of the rap/rock mix of the Carter-Richards era, we now have... FlyersTechnoDancePartaaaayyy (insert strobe lights here)! I can't lie, though, I actually did enjoy it quite a bit. (But I'm ALSO the girl who listens to "Party Rock Anthem" and "Like a G 6" when I have to stay late at work and copy. What can I say, every day I'm shuffling.) If you want a taste of the new warm-up jamz, this is the only song I was able to SoundHound. Pretty catchy, right?

Another astute observation I had during warm-ups is that Jake Voracek is HUGE. Srsly. As Kristin put it, Voracek is "Pronger-sized" in person. But apparently, homeboy's only 6'2"... four inches shorter than The Pronger. Hmmm. Maybe it's just because he towers over his doppelganger Giroux?



Mysterious height aside, I'm enjoying Voracek a lot. Offensively flashy and underrated with that wild mane and bizzaro John Oates 'stache... he's like Hipsteroux, a less popular Giroux alternative!

Speaking of Giroux, I'm glad to see that, even though he's the BMOC now, he still plays catch with Brayds during warm-ups. While Bryzy was meditating (when he's not the starter, apparently he doesn't really do too much), and Danny was flipping pucks to the kids in front of me (under the netting, no less! It was pretty damn impressive), Brayds and G passed the puck back and forth in front of the bench. I can't believe that I actually got to see Brayds (well, along with G and Voracek) post a multiple-point game. I feel like he's has been off to a strong start, occasional turn-overs and bruised kidneys (!!) aside. He's racked up a whopping eight points. EIGHT points, in twenty-two games! What in the name of Art Ross is this stay at home defenseman up to?! He's also been pissy (most notably fighting for freedom against douchebags like Downie), and he tends to cheerfully blab about his baby daughter in interviews. (He's definitely going to be that dad who's showing pictures of his baby to the check-out girl at the supermarket.) I think the hilarious Ask the Flyers tumblr page accurately summed up why he's doing so well:

Also, I have to admit that I'm starting to warm up to Max Talbot. Of course I would; he's gritty and not super famous. Soph, who watched some of last season's 24/7, warned me that this would happen, but I, repulsed by his Pens past, didn't believe her. (Curse you, Soph!) In this charming clip, Talbot wears a hideous Christmas sweater and warns a teammate's unsuspecting baby about dating hockey players. And here, he's called a douche by Fleury. If those aren't precursors to true love, I don't know WHAT is!

Hi Max! You're blurry. Of course.
(For once, user error is NOT [entirely] to blame for my shitty pictures! I need a new camera. The zoom button gets stuck and the arrow buttons no longer work. #buzzkill)

So while this fine Black Friday tilt broke our Black Friday winless streak (hooray!) and included a buoyant round of "Ole Ole Ole Ole" when the game was in the bag (which was pretty hilarious to hear in person), I had to rush to get home for a surprise birthday party. When the Style Network talks about taking a look from day to evening, I'm pretty sure trading a Giroux tee and Chucks for an animal-print cardi and riding boots is NOT what they had in mind! Welcome to my life.

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joseph burrell said...

well actually in my opinion it rocks every time that there is a hockey game if you know what I mean ;)

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