Friday, February 24, 2012

The gang cracks the case

The fact that this guy talks to his mom is definitely what will blow the case wide open

Today, we read Puck Daddy's latest post authored by the mysterious Player X--an active NHLer who has worn and not worn a visor, is knowledgable about NHLPA issues, and has been on a team that acquired a big name forward from the other conference at the trade deadline. Armed with this wealth of knowledge, we determined that we were could decipher Player X's identity. Sleuthy Soph actually did some research, which led to this text exchange:

Soph: "I think it's someone from the '05-'06 Oilers."
Me: "Obvs it's Pronger."
Soph: "No, in one of his other articles, Player X talks about Pronger."
Me: "Well, Pronger probably talks about himself in the third person."
Soph: "...True."

Though optimistic early on, we soon realized that solving this mystery is like goddamn impossible. Christ, at least with Dream Phone, you know if your boytoy looks good in whatever he wears but is not wearing anything yellow!

All right, so which one of these fine fellows is Player X?
"I know who it is but I'm not telling, ha ha."

I ultimately determined that some of these clues are deliberate lies to throw us off and that Player X is OBVIOUSLY Braydon Coburn. He is an NHLPA rep, has worn/not worn a visor, and saw a big-name player from the other conference come to his team, albeit a defenseman at the draft and not a forward at the trade deadline. BOOM.

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joseph burrell said...

that is actually so funny, it reminds me of the old school stuff and my younger days at college!

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