Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wherein Pops and I realize that we are both smitten with Nick Lidstrom

In case you were wondering, this is the first google search result for "nick lidstrom hearts"
Props to Top Shelf Blog for this masterpiece!

Pops is impossible to buy birthday gifts for. I mean, the man is like Ghandi: he's good to go with just his two bowls and two spoons, and maybe two hot cups of green tea in the tea seat. This year though, with Moo's help, I was actually sort of creative and got him tickets to see the Flyers play the Red Wings on Mark Howe night! Going into this, I knew that Pops likes the Wings and had LOVED Mark Howe... but I soon learned that he was not leaving the dance with the girl he came with.

(One week before game)
Pops: "Next week, we get to see Nick!"

(Several days before game)
Pops: "When is Nick night? Tuesday?"

(Day of game)
Pops: "We get to see Nick tonight!!!"

This is not entirely surprising because how can you not love Nick Lidstrom? The man is a golden god with a Swedish-Midwestern accent. I just didn't realize that Pops saw him as such. The only problem, though, is that Nick missed this game because he was day to freakin' day, something that I realized en route to the game and had Pops yelling expletives. No Nick, no Datysuk (Pops' other boy)... so we were left with Zetterdouche (copyright Sportsquee), which is all right I guess, but an affinity for striped '20s bathing togs cannot replace the magnetism of number five.

ANYWAY, once we stopped crying over Nick's absence, we had a grand time at the game. Being there for only the fifth Flyers' number retirement ceremony (and the first since 1990!) was like the coolest thing ever.

Headed for the rafters!

And I still can't believe we were in the same room as Gordie Howe. Gordie MF-ing Howe. Mr. Hockey. ZOMG. Pops was so excited by all the pomp, he even yelled out, "You go, Hank!" when some people booed Zetterberg as he presented Mark Howe with... whatever the Red Wings give as gifts in these awkward situations. Good times.

And most importantly (especially against a super-depleted Detroit squad), the Flyers got the W, bumping Pops' record to a staggering 2-0 this year! Happy birthday indeed.

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joseph burrell said...

hahaha it made me laugh so much and I do not know why exactly! do you think I am crazy for that?? hahaha

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