Friday, July 6, 2012

My 14 year old self is doing cartwheels

Now let's sign Marty Murray and REALLY get the band back together!

In eighth grade, my world revolved around a few things: diagramming sentences, jamming out to Q102 ("Maria, Maria" whaaat?), playing Final Fantasy VIII, and loving Ruslan Fedotenko. He quickly replaced Simon Gagne as my favorite Flyer (yes, I was an annoying hipster fan back then too, but Rusty was just so goddamn excited and clutch!) and the first player that I ever met at the Carnival. (I couldn't speak then either. Oy.) 

Fast-forward twelve years and now he's back. It's SUPER weird. Like, he hasn't played here as a Flyer since it was the First Union Center. That's TWO banks ago! Where has the time gone?! He's no longer Rusty the emergency call-up; he's a two-time Stanley Cup champion. I really haven't followed him much since he signed with the Pens (sidenote: he's quite the Atlantic division slut!), but I'm happy or at least amused to have him back. He was my first real fave, after all. Rusty was always good for dagger-to-the-heart goals against the Flyers, so it will be nice to be on the right side of that again and maybe even beat the Rangers, if he goes all Max Talbot: Secret Agent Man on them. I also can't wait to bust out all the knowledge that my freakish memory has retained, starting with, "Oh that's his first goal as a Flyer since 4/17/02. What, you didn't remember that?"

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